Used Defibrillators

Written by Norene Anderson
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Used defibrillators are in much demand with the automated external defibrillators being used in over 130,000 locations. Airlines, airports, shopping malls, and sporting events are a big part of the reason defibrillators are being a success in saving lives across the nation. Many homes are now equipped with defibrillators due to the reduced cost of used defibrillators. Used medical equipment can also be a godsend for smaller, less well-funded hospitals and medical facilities. By purchasing used equipment, even the smallest hospital budget can make room for defibrillators and other essential medical technology.

Because the device is classified as a Class III medical device, a physician's prescription is required to purchase a defibrillator. Special training is required, but it is not difficult to obtain or learn. The units are almost self-explanatory in use. They have verbal instructions to walk you through every step to take. It is necessary, though, to have AED training and CPR training. It is often necessary to continue CPR while intermittently applying defibrillation. The brain must be oxygenated in order to prevent brain damage.

Used Defibrillators Save Lives

Defibrillators are utilized to identify and treat impending fatal heart rhythms in the process of a cardiac arrest. An electrical shock during ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia is the best opportunity to rapidly return the heart rhythm to normal. The heart does not respond to an electrical shock if the victim has been arrested for more than a few minutes. In some situations, the heart will only respond to certain medications.

The used defibrillators have been through careful examination to make certain the unit is in top working condition. All used units should come with a warranty and certification. The unit should have automated self-tests to make sure it is maintained in proper working condition. It checks the battery, internal electronics, and electrodes. It should also record the data for physician review.

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