Vinyl Gloves

Written by Amy Hall
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Vinyl gloves, like latex gloves, are widely used in the healthcare field. These gloves protect both the patient and the caregiver from contagious diseases and infections. While the majority of doctors and nurses would likely prefer to use latex gloves due to their excellent tactile feel, they are not as durable as vinyl gloves.

These gloves are manufactured using high-grade vinyl resins for the ultimate in strength and durability. In addition, vinyl gloves are much better at protecting the wearer against harsh chemicals, which can be dangerous if they come into contact with the bare skin. These gloves are also widely used for kitchen and janitorial work, as they are so resilient and will not likely rip.

It is possible to purchase these gloves with or without powder. The powdered gloves have a light sprinkling of cornstarch on them, which makes it easier to pull them on or off. The non-powdered glove may be a bit more difficult to get on, but it does not leave any residue on the hands once removed.

Super Durable Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves come in various sizes, from extra-small all the way up to extra-large. When you order these gloves through sites that sell wholesale medical supplies, you can save even more if you buy by the case instead of the box. Don't forget to specify the exact size you want when ordering, which will eliminate the need to return any boxes.

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