Wholesale Capsule Fillers

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Though they may be available in local stores and other retail outlets, the best place to buy wholesale capsule fillers is probably online. Almost every kind of capsule filling machine is available from one online store or another, and many stores offer other incentives to buy, such as satisfaction guarantees. Some stores may also offer package deals featuring wholesale capsule fillers, empty capsules, and even a tamper.

There are many online businesses that are devoted to health food products and accessories, from vitamins to capsule filling machines. Some websites, such as those for stores that specialize in wholesale capsule fillers, may also have a list of web links to informative sites that offer tips on vitamins, nutritional information, or capsule filling machine ratings. Such sites often compare machines and test a variety of their functions, and even make note of the construction of the machine and what kind of other services the manufacturer offers.

Personal Wholesale Capsule Fillers

There are a number of different kinds of filling machines available to the public. Most can fill between 50 and 100 capsules per run, and turn out several hundred capsules per hour. Many are small enough that they can be stored almost anywhere, and feature removable parts of easy washing or part replacement.

There is also a whole other class of machine that is meant for pharmaceutical or small business use. These larger, more industrial machines often feature a built-in capsule orienting mechanism to speed up the process and are capable of producing thousands (7,000 or more) capsules per hour. In general, large, batch-filling machines such as professional capsule fillers measure capsule contents by volume; they may or may not include a built-in analytical scale.

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