Alcohol Addiction

Written by Sierra Rein
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Alcohol addiction is an experience that every family may have to face at one point or another. Whether the addictive personality manifests itself in a father, mother, aunt, or even a growing teenager, every family member is effected in some way. And, if no intervention is taken, alcoholic abuse can lead to physical violence and death.

The signs of an alcohol addiction can range from the very subtle to the extreme. You may have an addiction to alcohol if you feel like you can't have any enjoyment of life without it, or if you have a drink simply to forget the simple problems of the day. Other, more serious signs include blackouts, irritability, a change in behavioral patterns, and a drop in concentration and the ability to perform previously accomplished tasks.

Alcohol Addiction Ruins Lives and Loves

The first step towards any plant to quit drinking is to realize that you have a problem with alcohol. Take a moment to recognize the fact that alcohol can kill someone over the span of years (reducing the liver to an ineffective and diseased organ) or within a few minutes (by poisoning the blood with so much alcohol that the brain and organs stop functioning). Wives have left husbands, children have run away from parents, and friends have hurt friends all because of the destructive force of alcohol.

While most people can take a drink every now and again with few consequences, new reports show that there may be a certain group of people who are more susceptible to creating an addiction to alcohol. These people may be able to more easily slip into the aforementioned warning signs, and it may take more than family and friends to intervene on their behalf. If you need to speak to someone regarding your personal behavior and fears, contact a professional.

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