California Psychotherapists

Written by Rachel Arieff
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California psychotherapists have the undeniable advantage of being located in possibly the most important state in the union, as far as psychotherapy is concerned. Besides New York City, the cities of San Francisco, Berkeley, and Los Angeles have for many decades been centers of psychological inquiry and advancement. The prestigious universities located in these cities share a history of being among the top in the nation for research and practice in the field of psychotherapy.

What does this mean for Californians? Quite simply, it means that you have the opportunity to receive some of the finest therapeutic care available. If you live in or near any of these large cities, you will have the fortune of being within easy driving distance of a wide range, as well as a deep talent pool, of California psychotherapists.

More about California Psychotherapists

Another interesting fact about California is that it's traditionally been one of the most diverse states in the nation. Immigrants from all over the world, such as Mexico, Central and South America, and Asia, have formed strong communities in California, with their own cultural traditions. California has also been home to other groups with strong cultural identities, such as feminist, African-American, and gay and lesbian communities.

All of these cultures contribute to and benefit from the unique multicultural focus of California psychotherapists. In a state as diverse as California, you will be able to find more therapists that have an understanding of various cultures and values; often times, because these therapists themselves come from these cultures. This is very important for patients. They need to receive care from professionals who are not only experts in their field, but who are also informed, unbiased, and sensitive to the different cultural realities of their clients.

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