Drug Addiction

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Drug addiction remains a huge challenge for many people in this day and age. It has never been an easy path to recovery. First of all, of course, there are the formidable psychological and physical strains of this addiction. Addiction to drugs is a destructive and self-perpetuating cycle. The more power drugs have over the individual, the less will the individual has to change. Plus, drug addiction sooner or later causes chaos in one's life. The chaos spurs more drug use as a way to cope with the problems that result from this chaos.

Combine these addiction-related difficulties with the social stigma that still exists today (though thankfully to a lesser extent), and you have a heavy challenge indeed. Often, people addicted to drugs fail repeatedly at recovery until they hit absolute rock bottom. Some fail even after enrollment in drug recovery programs. However, there are many, many success stories. Thanks to advances in drug addiction treatment, these success stories grow greater in number with each decade.

Drug Addiction Therapy

Therapy for addiction to drugs is designed to, first, create the conditions necessary to kick the habit. Removing the individual from the familiar, stress-filled environment and withdrawing the individual from all drugs is key. Some say that, though physically grueling, this is the easiest part of the process. What's harder, but essential to a successful program, is the second part.

This is to create a new social, emotional, physical and even spiritual landscape that supports a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Psychological recovery and maintenance is important to prevent the slide back into drug dependency. Any effective addiction recovery program will include these two basic platforms.

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