Gay Couples Counseling

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Gay couples counseling, on this page, will refer to both gay and lesbian relationships. In other words, although the word ÒgayÓ describes male relationships, here the term will cover same-sex relationships for both men and women. Gays and lesbians face special challenges in their intimate relationships. The pressures they face are, in some ways, more formidable than those of heterosexual couples. This extra stress added to the common problems of intimate relationships can and does take its toll on gay and lesbian couples.

For this reason, gay couples counseling is an important option to consider. As society matures to reflect a greater awareness, sensitivity and acceptance of gay and lesbian couples, more therapists specializing in counseling for these couples also become available. Compared to what was available even a decade ago, the number of specially-qualified counselors for gay couples has boomed.

Why Gay Couples Counseling?

This is not to imply in any way that this is a golden age for gays and lesbians. Bigotry and discrimination are still rampant in nearly every culture on the globe. Fear of discrimination, violence and other hate-oriented crimes is still part of everyday life for gay and lesbians. These fears, along with more subtle, internalized complexes, can complicate the psychological landscape of gays and lesbians alike.

No matter how professional and skilled a therapist may be, all are human, and unfortunately capable of bias and misunderstanding of cultures and communities that are not their own. This is why gay and lesbian couples owe it to themselves to get gay couples counseling from specially-trained therapists who are familiar with this community. Working with professionals who understand the special circumstances of gay and lesbians, these couples can work together to build more lasting, loving and satisfying intimate relationships.

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