Grief Recovery

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Grief recovery is essential if we are to heal from a tremendous loss, such as dealing with the loss of a loved one. Of course, this is a process that takes time. It also takes a lot of work and a real commitment to seeing the process through.

Grief recovery is not easy. Few who haven't experienced it directly will ever know what it's really like to lose a loved one, to receive the diagnosis of one's own terminal illness, or to see the breakup of a supposedly lifelong relationship. However, many of us have experienced some form of serious loss. Research has also yielded many advances in techniques of how to deal with grief and eventually to heal from it.

More about Grief Recovery

Grief is a very difficult emotion to deal with. However, it is the ability to grieve that makes us human. Without grief, we would not be able to love. We would not be capable of treasuring that which we have lost, or are certain to lose, such as life itself. Grief gives life its value and its meaning.

Grief recovery helps us to put our sense of loss in perspective. It helps us to live through the various stages of mourning and eventually to come out on the other side. Yes, it takes time and commitment. No, we will never be the same as before. However, it is through this type of therapy that we can transform our lives from darkness and disaster into light and hope.

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