Individual Therapy

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Individual therapy is available through mental health professionals for a wide range of problems. Many professionals are specialists in diverse fields, including, to name just a few, traditional psychotherapists, substance abuse counselors, and grief recovery professionals. In addition, spiritual counseling is yet another form of therapy available to individuals. Also, eating disorders, post traumatic stress syndrome, and anxiety disorders are commonly treated in individual therapy sessions.

Even marital counseling can be received on an individual basis. This is an option, for instance, when one partner in a relationship is willing to seek counseling and the other is not. This is a curious situation but not all that uncommon. Individuals have different goals and time lines, and some arrive at the point of wanting therapy sooner than others. Just because one half of the couple isn't ready for therapy doesn't mean that the other can't go ahead and seek help.

Other Types of Individual Therapy

Other types of individual therapy include cognitive therapy, which focuses on becoming aware of one's thought patterns and changing those that are detrimental to one's personal growth. Another type of therapy available to individuals is integrative psychotherapy. To oversimplify a bit, integrative therapy combines many different methods, picking and choosing from among different systems of thought to find what works best for that particular client.

As you can see, there are many different options available when it comes to therapy for the individual. It's important to do your research thoroughly to find not only the type of therapy, but the therapist who works best for you. If you live near a large urban center, this will be easier to achieve than if you live in a small town, which naturally has fewer options.

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