Marital Counseling

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Marital counseling is being utilized more and more by successful couples. In the past, marriage counseling tended to be thought of as a last-ditch effort to save a marriage. That attitude has changed considerably. Increasingly, couples are viewing marital therapy as a healthy form of maintenance rather than a form of crisis intervention.

Consider it this way: we all know we should go to the doctor for a check-up at least once a year. We know it's good to go to the gym and exercise regularly. Then why not practice this same preventive maintenance on our relationships? Whether a relationship be in good shape or not, many people see the value of marital counseling.

New Views on Marital Counseling

Let's continue the analogy a bit further. Even when we're healthy, we know we have to keep working out and seeing the doctor. In the same way, many couples who consider their marriage successful receive regular marital counseling. For them, it's a way of keeping things out in the open and under control.

Making regular appointments with marriage counselors helps these couples defuse potentially troublesome situations. It helps keep the channels of communication open, which is essential to a healthy marriage. It also helps to demystify problems that might be viewed as more intimidating if they didn't come up in regular therapy sessions.

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