Signs Of Depression

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Signs of depression aren't always easy to recognize. Sometimes they can be masked. Sometimes the numbness of depression can obscure our condition from ourselves. The ultimate irony of depression is that sometimes its sufferers are too depressed to realize it.

Plain old denial can also be a major obstacle to recognizing signs of depression. We may find it difficult to admit to ourselves that something is wrong. I know many people who, deep down, knew that something wasn't right, but were afraid to acknowledge it. In a way, this is a natural response. When some of us feel bad, we may not want to admit to it. We may feel that admitting to a problem equals dwelling on it, which may only make us feel worse.

Recognizing Signs of Depression

I'll work through it. This will pass. It's no big deal. There's nothing wrong with me, so I shouldn't be feeling bad. These are common statements of denial that keep us from examining the possible signs and seeking the therapy that we need.

What are the signs of depression, then? Since all of us are different, the signs can vary as well. Some of us may feel sad; others won't. However, these signs generally can range from constant sleepiness, to insomnia, to loss of appetite, to feelings of numbness, helpless, panic, and lack of motivation.

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