Soul Integration

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Soul integration is a type of therapy that is quite different from your traditional psychotherapeutic approaches. These other approaches deal primarily with the psychological and physical realms. Even what we call integrative psychotherapy, though encompassing many different approaches, is confined to the two mainstream realms of body and mind.

Soul integration, however, encompasses the metaphysical realm as well. This can be a controversial approach, for spiritual therapy is a greyer area in science, not as easily quantifiable as the traditional psychotherapy. Spiritually oriented, soul-integrative therapy is definitely not for everybody, for the ideas of this therapy can fundamentally challenge the traditional teachings of Judeo-Christianity. However, those who are ready for spiritual therapy can experience profoundly positive life changes.

Pursuing Soul Integration Therapy

Soul integrating therapy is available to those who are interested in it. Just as today more than ever there is a wider spectrum of therapists to choose from, so there are more Los Angeles therapists available who specialize in soul integration. California has the distinction of being the premier state in the nation for alternative and spiritually-focused therapeutic techniques. The past hundred years of California cultural history has seen the blossoming of numerous approaches to spiritual awakening and cosmic self-awareness.

One final word on soul integrative therapy: because of its more esoteric nature, it is a field more open to debate and interpretation, and thus variance in approaches. This could impact on you positively or negatively. Ensure that your experience is a positive one. Research carefully to make sure that you're dealing with the best, most professional practitioners when pursuing this kind of therapy.

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