Stop Smoking Methods

Written by Sierra Rein
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Ask 10 strangers on the street how they quit smoking the last time, and they'll be able to tell you a number of stop smoking methods. However, you may come to realize that nine out of these ten people probably still smoke despite the fact that they "quit." Some methods work, while others may not be as effective.

There are two paths to choose from when deciding how to quit smoking. There is the physical route, using nicotine patches and gum to train the body to remove itself of the nicotine addiction it has built up over the years. And there is the psychological route, training the mind to reject the reliance on the cigarette as a source for emotional and physical comfort.

For Each Person, the Stop Smoking Methods Vary

Because each individual is...well...individual, different methods may work in varying degrees for each person. Some people base their physical habits on emotional reasons, as a young child does while sucking it's thumb. Others need to simply rid their bodies of the nicotine and use their already strong will to discontinue the use of cigarettes.

You can find the best stop smoking methods, as well as smoking cessation programs, right at your fingertips! Websites exist that can be accessed 24 hours a day from any computer hooked up to the world wide web by paying users. This can be a great option for a person who lives far away from any in-person support group, or who works away from home often.

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