Stress Reduction

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Stress reduction is one of the sought-after therapeutic techniques of this day and age. In some ways, we are living in an age of unprecedented stress and chaos. Of course, stress has always been around. Different ages have been characterized by different kinds of stress. This age definitely has its own flavor of stress.

The advances of the 20th century were supposed to make life easier, or so many of us thought. Instead, in many ways it seems that they've only served to speed it up. Consequently, many of us feel exhausted and anxious in the race to keep up. Stress reduction is in order.

Why Stress Reduction Is Necessary

For example, many people thought the "rat race", as it was labeled in mid-20th century, would be eradicated by the computer age. Computers were supposed to do the work of many people, so the work should decrease, right? We all know how wrong that theory is. Instead, we are expected to keep up with the work flow generated by computers.

These days, we must bring laptops and cell phones with us when we go on vacation. We work longer hours and spend less time with our families. Is this inevitable? It's up to each of us to decide. Stress reduction techniques can help us get a handle on our lives. Then we can have more control over our circumstances and how we respond to them. In other words, we can learn to enjoy life more.

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