Substance Abuse Treatment

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Substance abuse treatment continues to evolve. Substance abuse recovery programs offer a wider range of options today than ever before. We have had decades to discover which treatments work and which don't, how to improve on treatments that already exist, and what an individual's role is in his or her own treatment and recovery.

One thing that doesn't change is the problem of substance abuse's negative impact on society. Though today we are definitely more savvy to the causes, symptoms and risks of substance abuse, it still affects record numbers of people. As long as there is stress in life, there will be substance abuse.

More about Substance Abuse Treatment

The statement I just made may sound pessimistic. However, another way to look at it is this: as long as there is substance abuse, there is the chance for recovery. Whether it be drug addiction or alcoholism, substance abuse is the individual's primary way of coping. Thus, substance abuse treatment can be viewed as a momentous opportunity for self-realization and growth.

As I've said, substance abuse treatment options are many. There are inpatient and outpatient facilities to suit different individual needs. To make the experience more pleasant for the clients, these facilities are often located in an idyllic, stress-free environment, such as the countryside. These facilities offer room and board, comprehensive therapy, including drug therapy if need be, and life skills classes to learn how to cope successfully once the treatment program is over.

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