Treatment For Depression

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Treatment for depression is available to those who show symptoms of this all-too-common condition. The big hurdle, in many cases, is first in recognizing the signs of depression. Sometimes people who are depressed simply don't realize it. The common misconception about depression is that you must feel bad in order to have it. This is hardly the case, as signs of depression can be fatigue, numbness, or anxiety. Actual melancholia can be completely absent in the depressed state.

Once depression is discovered, however, the next hurdle is actually doing something about it. One of the classic symptoms of depression is a sense of apathy and helplessness. Unfortunately, those who exhibit this symptom are often the least likely to seek treatment for depression. Another obstacle is a fear of acknowledging the problem.

Seeking Treatment for Depression

This is a shame, because these days more than ever, depression is highly treatable. What has helped is the number of high-profile individuals who have come forward in the last decade or so and admitted their own depression. Roughly a decade ago, Tipper Gore was one of the first to step into the limelight and admit her ongoing fight with depression.

In so doing, she made it more socially acceptable to seek treatment for depression. I applaud the courage and generosity of people like Mrs. Gore. I also applaud the leaps made in depression therapy in the last 20 years. These advances have made it possible for millions of people to lead normal, happy and fulfilling lives.

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