Homeostasis Protocol

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Multiple Sclerosis is a complex and debilitating disease, which affects the central nervous system. As of now, there are no known cures for Multiple Sclerosis. But some people claim they have experienced homeostasis protocol. This involves the concept of divine health.

While the medical community does not actively embrace the concept, there are claims by former sufferers of MS that they have achieved homeostasis protocol, thereby curing themselves of Multiple Sclerosis. Some claim to have accomplished this by faith. Others attribute the disease turnaround to a lifestyle change. Regardless, there is no one direct medical path to this sort of cure.

What Homeostasis Protocol Involves

Those claiming to have experienced a cure for MS by undergoing a lifestyle change speak of many factors involved in the process. Some have claimed to achieve divine health by exercising and taking nutrients and vitamins. Some used high tech super foods. There has also been mention of deep breathing and getting lots of sunshine being effective.

Is this Safe?

The very concept of protocol by homeostasis as an MS alternative treatment is open to debate. Some people who are affected directly and positively are firm believers that one can be cured of MS. Others remain skeptical. Further study is needed for proof positive.

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