Ms Symptoms Treatments

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Much information is available for MS symptoms treatments. MS is a complicated disease affecting the central nervous system. Diagnosis is difficult. MS affects individuals differently, and different symptoms are experienced with each case.

What Is MS?

MS affects the brain and spinal cord. Nerve fibers in the central nervous system send messages to and from the brain. These fibers are wrapped in a fatty tissue called myelin, which helps transmit the messages. In those suffering Multiple Sclerosis, the myelin sheath becomes damaged and may eventually be completely worn away.

It is impossible for information to travel through the nerves when the myelin sheath has deteriorated. There are a wide variety of MS symptoms including numbness, tingling, weakness, muscle spasms, balance problems, and blurred vision. One of the most prescribed MS treatments involves the use of the drug Avonex. This is currently the leading medication used in the treatment of the disease.

Where Can I Find MS Symptoms Treatments?

The easiest place to find information regarding MS symptoms treatments is online. Multiple Sclerosis websites offer an array of information about the treatment of MS. Different Multiple Sclerosis medication can have different effects on individuals. The Internet is a great resource for getting advice about MS and for getting important questions answered.

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