Multiple Sclerosis Herb

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There is no cure for MS, but many people seek out alternative treatments to MS, or even a Multiple Sclerosis herb. A natural approach to stalling the progress of MS has become quite popular. Homeopathy and Multiple Sclerosis have been in the news quite a bit. Many patients supplement their treatment with a natural treatment.

Alternative Treatment

Vitamins, minerals, and herbs are being explored in the treatment of symptoms of MS. Some say supplements such as cranberry tablets, psyllium, and valerian can be helpful in bringing relief to MS sufferers. Some believe that taking calcium will help build stronger bones in people afflicted by MS, and thereby help them fight the disease. Other vitamins and herbs are intended to strengthen the immune system.

There is some controversy around the topic of a Multiple Sclerosis herb. While many swear by the positive effects of alternative treatments of Multiple Sclerosis, others fear it could harm patients. MS is very complex and different treatments have varied effects on patients. There is no one cure for MS, so varied treatments are being tested.

Can a Multiple Sclerosis Herb Cure MS?

Although there is no known cure for MS, what is know is that it is a very serious and unpredictable disease. Alternative treatments are meant to be used alongside other drugs. That is, these alternative approaches to managing Multiple Sclerosis are to be used in conjunction with mainstream drug treatment. Before any course of medicinal action is pursued, a doctor should be consulted.

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