Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Multiple Sclerosis therapy is available in many different forms, thanks to continued updates in the field. From alternative, natural treatments to prescription medications, there is a form of Multiple Sclerosis therapy that will work well for you. It's important to remember that with proper lifestyle choices and therapy, you can live a happy, healthy life with MS.

Various Choices with Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

The field of Multiple Sclerosis therapy is a varied one with many different choices. There are the five major prescription drugs used to treat MS. These drugs are usually injected into the body to reduce the severity as well as frequency of attacks. They have been shown to be effective; however, they do have unpleasant side effects such as flu-like symptoms.

There are forms of rehabilitation Multiple Sclerosis therapy such as physical therapy and occupational therapy. If an individual has lost certain capabilities due to MS, some of these functions can be regained through therapy. Speech therapy, vocational therapy and cognitive rehabilitation are also available.

There are also alternative forms of Multiple Sclerosis therapy that have been shown effective in treatment. These methods include mental exercises and lifestyle changes. Relaxation techniques, yoga, herbal healing and hypnosis can all be used as viable forms of Multiple Sclerosis therapy.

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