Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Cure

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There is no known, definitive cure for MS, but many pursue what is known as a progressive Multiple Sclerosis cure. A progressive Multiple Sclerosis cure involves alternative treatment for MS. It also involves homeopathy and the use of natural supplements. This advancement in the treatment of MS has become popular in recent years.

What is Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Cure?

Progressive MS cure may be possible. While not officially embraced by the medical community, there are former patients who claim to be completely cured of MS. Some claim to be healed by sheer faith. Others have undergone extensive nutritional supplementation.

Examples of Nutrition

Some approaches to alternative treatments, homeopathy, and Multiple Sclerosis include taking nutritional supplements. Some believe that bee venom can bring relief to MS symptoms, and that cranberry tablets may help prevent urinary tract infections. Psyllium can perhaps help treat constipation. Valerian may be helpful for treating insomnia. Many MS sufferers also take Vitamin D and calcium to build bone density.

Many people believe that regular exercise, deep breathing, and getting lots of sunshine are helpful steps toward a natural treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Others believe that these treatments can be dangerous to certain patients, so caution and professional guidance should be used when pursuing an MS cure. Information regarding traditional and natural treatments toward the cure of MS are available online. Help is just a click away.

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