Toxic Exposures And Multiple Sclerosis

Written by Michael O'Brien
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MS is a complex, debilitating disease. It is unknown exactly how MS is caused. It may have to do with both hereditary and environmental causes. It has been questioned whether or not there is a connection between toxic exposures and Multiple Sclerosis.

About Toxic Exposures and Multiple Sclerosis

There are nearly 1000 substances suspected of having neuro-toxic effects. These include some metals, mercury, manganese, solvents, fuels, carbon monoxide, and pesticides. While it has been suggested, there is not solid evidence of a link between certain toxic exposures and Multiple Sclerosis. In other words, toxic exposures have not been proven to cause MS.

Where Can I Find this Information?

The easiest way to access this type of information is through the Internet. There are many good Multiple Sclerosis websites designed to share comprehensive information regarding MS with those who are touched by the disease. Information may include professional advice as well as personal insights from sufferers. There is also access to research and news articles pertaining to new discoveries surrounding the disease.

Help is available online for those needing information about or suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis websites offer a vast amount of advice and research pertaining to MS. The Internet makes it easy to access information concerning how MS is diagnosed, how it advances, and how it can be treated. Also available is current information about trends and breakthroughs in Multiple Sclerosis medication.

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