Acute Sinusitis Treatments

Written by Norene Anderson
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Acute sinusitis treatments include antibiotics and decongestants. It can take several weeks for the symptoms to clear even though the usual round of antibiotics is a 10-14 day cycle. Decongestants and a good nasal moisturizer often finish the course of treatment. It is vital to thin the secretions so the air passageway can allow free breathing. Clear passages allow the cilia to do the work of clearing the air of the "stuff" that causes congestion to start. This purification process is vital to keeping the lungs free of contaminants.

Inflammation in the nasal passages causes swelling of the membranes. This results in mucus being trapped and sets the environment for acute sinusitis. Fungal infections are also a cause of acute sinusitis. The acute sinusitis treatments for fungal origin infections must include a fungicide to destroy the fungus. Along with the fungus treatment, it is not unusual to also include an antibiotic and decongestant.

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Acute sinusitis treatments also include steroids to reduce inflammation in extreme cases. Nasal washes are a vital part of the treatment throughout the course of the infection and as a preventive measure. Washing the mucus from the sinuses is vital to keeping the infection from regrouping and making a rebound.

Sinus surgery is the treatment of last resort. When antibiotics and other palliative measures do not keep the infection from returning, it is often necessary to actually go in surgically and clean out the passages. This is necessary, particularly if the sinusitis is recurring in the deep sphenoid sinuses. At this time, cultures are done to determine the exact kind of bacteria growing and which medication the bacterium is most sensitive to for obliteration.

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