Frequent Colds

Written by Norene Anderson
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Frequent colds are a problem in many families. It seems that one just gets over it and then another becomes ill. Depending on how many are in the family, it can go on forever and then start all over. The big culprit in spreading the cold virus is two-fold: poor hand washing technique and sneezing/coughing without covering the mouth.

The truth is simple. Most people are not nearly as careful as they should be either as the sufferer or as the recipient. For that reason, it is vital to maintain the immune system as well as possible and practice preventive nasal health. This is possible by using either saline spray or irrigation to keep the nasal and sinus passageways open and air flowing freely. Any time there is stagnation or sluggish drainage, the natural apparatus designed to clean the air as it passes through is compromised.

Frequent Colds Are Too Common

It is important for people suffering with frequent colds to take every precaution to avoid subsequent sinusitis. Colds are quite often the initiator of a more serious condition of infected sinuses. Once it reaches the point of an infection, it is imperative to get treatment started to kill out the bacteria. Along with destroying the bacteria, a good rinse or cleaning out the sinuses should be done.

The treatment will be more effective if the thick secretions are removed. Even if you are one of the millions suffering from frequent colds, you can find relief from the itchy, burning throat and nasal passages. Warm showers are great for inhaling the moist heat. Sipping a hot drink soothes a parched, irritated throat. Rinsing regularly refreshes the airway to help restore free breathing.

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