Nasal Gels

Written by Norene Anderson
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Nasal gels are rapidly becoming a means of delivering medication to the body in a way that provides excellent absorption. The vascularity of the mucus membranes makes it a prime target for medication needing rapid absorption into the bloodstream. This bypasses the stomach and digestive system and quickly enters the blood. Some of the responses to benefit include allergic reactions, motion sickness, and others. There are more medications coming on the market every year in this medium. There is a possibility that soon the vaccinations for children will be in a nasal gel instead of a shot.

One word of caution about nasal gels is to never use Vaseline or any other oil base product inside the nose. Use only water or saline-based moisturizing products. The oil base will constrict the natural movement of the cilia and can possibly enter the lungs causing even greater problems. Nasal gels should be prepared by reputable companies with your best interest and health in mind.

Nasal Gels Are Growing in Use

Nasal gels have been used to provide an immediate treatment for the common cold. This is proving to be a popular alternative to the usual suffering that accompanies the sniffles. A treatment regimen that includes a nasal rinse in conjunction with the cold remedy seems to be an effective method of treatment. It is reported to shorten the length of the cold and reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Before using any nasal gel, make sure you know all of the ingredients. Use it only for its intended purpose. Since it has a rapid entrance into the body, it is not something to be taken lightly. Read and follow the manufacturer's instructions and take preventive measures quickly if there is any sign of breathing difficulty after using the gel.

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