Nasal Irrigation Products

Written by Norene Anderson
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Nasal irrigation products are used by many allergy sufferers to get relief from the irritation of allergens. Sinusitis, an inflammation and bacterial infection of the sinus cavities, is a common occurrence for about 35 million people every year. It is caused by mucus collecting in the facial sinuses instead of draining. As this mucus becomes dried it becomes a breeding site for germs to grow. Normal saline is often used to thin the secretions. It closely resembles the natural fluid of the body.

Many products are used for symptom relief and for preventive measures of sinus congestion and misery. It is important to keep the nasal passage moist, especially during allergy season. It does not make sense to keep your nose moist to keep it from dripping, but it really does work. Keeping the lining moist with natural nasal irrigation products will keep the allergens from attaching and causing an allergic reaction. The allergic reaction is what leads to the red, itchy eyes and the sneezing and sniffling of the drips.

Benefits of Nasal Irrigation Products

Using nasal irrigation products can reduce the severity of the symptoms of sinusitis. Many times a headache accompanies the sinus congestion. The reason for the headache is often pressure from clogged passageways. Using adequate irrigation can keep nasal and sinus paths open and, thus, avoid the pressure buildup. A decongestant is sometimes prescribed to reduce the swelling in the nasal membranes.

It is important to follow some common sense preventive measures. These are as simple as drinking plenty of fluids to keep the mucus thin and carefully blowing the nose to avoid excessive strain on the membranes. This reduces the irritation and inflammation that can occur with too much pressure blowing. Also, make sure to treat allergy attacks before there is opportunity for infection to start. It is much easier to work ahead of the attack in a preventative way than to remove the infection after it is fully active.

Treatment for Sinus Discomfort

Treating sinus inflammation is different from treating sinus infection. If there is an infection present, it will require the use of the appropriate antibiotic to destroy the bacteria. The use of nasal irrigation products is usually prescribed along with the antibiotic regimen. This helps thin and remove the infected mucus. For sinus inflammation, it is usually enough to irrigate and thin the secretions to clear the sinuses.

Sinusitis can occur in a variety of ways. Some people suffer all year long with allergies of one kind or another. This makes them susceptible to congestion and infection constantly. This is known as chronic sinusitis. It just seems to never end. Another kind of sinusitis is acute sinusitis. The onset is sudden and usually unexpected. It commonly lasts from three to eight weeks.

Nasal Irrigation Products Thin Secretions

Quite often, sinusitis or a sinus infection will end up causing a sore throat. The constant drainage is an irritant and if there is an infection, it is likely to spread to the throat. This is where nasal irrigation products are very important. A throat infection is less likely to occur if the infected mucus is continually thinned and removed.

There are structural causes of the need for nasal irrigation products. A deviated nasal septum can trap mucus in the passageway and prevent it from draining. Using a natural saline nasal spray can keep the secretions thin and irrigate them out of the sinuses. Keeping the fluid moving is the key to avoiding an infection from taking root in the sinus cavities.

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