Post Nasal Drip Treatments

Written by Norene Anderson
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Post nasal drip treatments are often aimed at the results as much as the cause. One of the most obvious results is bad breath. Many products are available to reduce the odor caused by the mucus dripping from the back of the nasopharynx into the throat. It also creates a bad taste in the mouth. This interferes with the pleasure of dining on great cuisine.

Post nasal drip treatments also include managing the cough from bronchitis that develops so easily from the constant dripping. Cough management must include a cough-controlling agent along with a decongestant to loosen the phlegm as it collects. Productive coughing is much better than just the dry, hacking cough brought on by irritation.

Effective Post Nasal Drip Treatments

Chronic rhinitis is inflammation and irritation of the lining of the nose. It is the target of post nasal drip treatments to stop the drip before it leads to a sore throat, bronchitis, or pneumonia. The cause of the rhinitis may be viruses, certain foods, allergies, medication side effects, or cold temperatures. If it is viral, it has to run its course. If it is allergy related, it is important to identify the source of the allergen and do everything possible to get it under control.

One of the best treatments for post-nasal drip is to keep the air humidity at about 45 percent. Nasal irrigation is also an effective comfort measure. This helps to restore the nasal environment to a normal pH and it removes the irritants before they have a chance to take up residence. The nose has a specific purpose. It warms and cleans the air before it reaches the lungs. Keeping the passages healthy is vital to overall good health.

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