Sinusitis Treatments

Written by Norene Anderson
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Sinusitis treatments vary according to the level of symptoms and amount of infection present. Sometimes it takes a combination of treatments to be successful in conquering sinusitis. The symptoms need to be treated with some type of moisturizing method to keep the sinus passages well lubricated. Normal saline spray or a humidifier works great. A lavage is also effective.

The swelling of the sinus passage needs to be treated with something to reduce the swelling. Antibiotics are necessary to kill the bacteria causing the infection. Several antibiotics are effective as sinusitis treatments. The treatment of choice depends of the total scope of the infection. If it has spread to the ears, for instance, it may require additional antibiotics.

More about Sinusitis Treatments

Acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis are not treated the same. An acute episode is usually treated with a 10-14 day course or one of the later 5-day sinusitis treatments. A chronic condition requires a lengthy course of as long as a month. Sometimes more than one family of antibiotic is used to cover more bacterial types.

The most intense treatment of sinusitis is surgery to clear the sinus passageway of all infection or blockage. An otolaryngologist performs the surgery after a definite diagnosis is confirmed by CT scan. Sinusitis is not a casual infection to ignore. If left untreated, it can cause serious problems. A fever is not always present to indicate an infection of the sinuses. The beginning symptoms can be very subtle and easy to ignore. Any difficulty breathing or the presence of facial or ear pain should be checked by your healthcare professional.

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