Ankle Injury Treatments

Written by Sierra Rein
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The ankle is an extremely delicate part of the body, one that receives a lot of pressure and weight throughout the day. One small but miscalculated step can force all the weight of the body onto the delicate bones and tendons of the ankle. This can lead to the most common type of ankle injury, the sprain, or can cause major bone breaks and tendon tears.

Treating an ankle injury requires a lot of careful attention and expertise. The first thing to do with any ankle pain is to treat the area with at least 20 or 30 minutes of cold compression therapy. Place a protective towel around the ankle to keep the skin from experiencing a cold burn, then wrap the area with an ice pack or a professionally-designed sports wrap.

The next step to treat an ankle injury is to keep it elevated, preferably above the heart. This position will help the blood to flow away from the ankle, reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain.
Weight should be kept off the foot and ankle for at least 24 hours after injury; if mobility is necessary, use crutches or a wheeled vehicle.

Preventing Future Ankle Injuries

Because it is particularly susceptible to ligament tears, sprains and breaks, it is good for athletes and sports hobbyists to perform strengthening ankle exercises. A sports injury specialist or personal coach should be able to put together a weight-bearing workout regiment to follow each week. Working on the sense of balance and learning how to land on your feet will also help your body cope with trips, uneven steps, and falls.

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