Back Injury Pains

Written by Sierra Rein
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Back injury pain is often the most difficult and complex type of pain for a person to deal with. While experienced by athletes and older generations, younger people can feel back pain as well. Injuries due to falls and sports activities can heal over time, but can result in chronic pain over many years afterwards.

The back is made up of a complex web of nerves, muscles, ligaments and spinal and rib bones. Throughout a person's life, these integrated parts can be compacted, worn down, and put under a lot of stress. Injuries can occur to ligaments and muscles as well as damaged spinal discs and nerves.

Most simple back injury pains can be treated with the application of cold packs and a combination of rest and massage a few days after. The cold will be able to reduce the amount of pain and will cut off the possibility of swelling in the area. Resting the back will allow all muscles and ligaments to recover from any injury, while massage will push fresh and oxygen-rich blood back into the area to flush out contaminants and begin the repairing process.

What to Do When Back Injury Pains Are Recognized

If you experience a back pain, try and find its exact location and determine if it was brought on by an incorrect movement of the back or not. A lot of pain in the back is due to muscle strains that can heal on their own in a few days. If the pain continues regardless of treatment, and if mobility begins to decrease over time, it may be indicative of a chronic problem that may need special rehabilitative care and possible surgery.

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