Blue Emu

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Taking oral pain relief is essential for chronic pain sufferers, but sometimes a little immediate pain relief action can help sufferers get through the day. Blue Emu is a natural anti-inflammatory cream that uses emu oil to ease pain associated with arthritis, back pain, trigger points and various other aches and pains. This cream, when rubbed on the joint or muscle in question, will provide fast relief for pain.

So often, the medicine we take produces such harsh side effects that consumers have to decide which is worse, the current pain or the possible side effects. Emu oil is very gentle and produces no side effects in most patients. This is reassuring for people who are looking for relief that won't be stressful on their bodies.

Other Uses For Emu Oil

Emu oil has been tested to see the effect it has on the signs of scarring. In a test with burn victims, patients were given an emu oil cream and a placebo cream and told to put one cream on half of the burn and the other cream on the other half. For anywhere between 6 months and a year the test's subjects were studied and testers found that emu-treated areas healed significantly better than areas treated with placebo.

Emu oil also works as an anti-fungal and antibacterial cream in addition to easing pain and inflammation and reducing the signs of scarring. Emu oil is largely hypoallergenic, meaning it produces no allergic reactions in most people. Emu oil also leaves no distinct smell on the body and doesn't stain clothes.

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