Cancer Pain Management

Written by Courtney Salinas
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The pain associated with cancer can leave patients with very little energy and feeling very crestfallen. Not only does cancer cause your body to devote most of its energy to fighting the cancer, but treatments can drain the body of the little energy it has remaining. With little energy to use, cancer patients need to work to maintain their health through a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals

Begin Pain Management through Nutrition

Cancer patients have to deal with unfathomable amounts of pain. This is the body's way of telling them that there is something horribly awry with its regular functions. In order to give the body a chance to defend itself, it needs vitamins and minerals.

Many cancer patients have a hard time keeping food down, though, and must turn to supplements for their nutrients. Patients should be careful not to "overdose" on any one vitamin or mineral, because doing so can cause more problems. Also remember to discus with your doctor any supplements you might be taking. Herbal remedies and vitamins can interact badly with cancer treatments if not taken correctly.

Supplement shakes are a good way of getting nutrition if patients have a hard time keeping food down. You can get a lot of the protein and calories you might not get from supplements by drinking shakes. Don't use supplement drinks as a substitute for a meal, though. It is always best to get nutrients from food when you can.

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