Cold Knee Wraps

Written by Sierra Rein
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Any athlete who works hard on his or her particular sport flirts every day with the possibility of knee injuries. This is true in cases of worn cartilage as well as an incorrectly balanced step or fall. The best remedy for athletes is to apply a cold knee wrap and establish a program of rest, elevation and rehabilitation.

Cold knee wraps are particularly effective immediately after an acute injury to the joint. Many athletes use them after training sessions, especially when they are struggling with chronic cases of running or jumper's knee. However, at the same time weight lifters are using cold therapy wraps after a hard day of training, a home repair "expert" can use them after hours of kneeling in front of the kitchen sink.

When Home-Made Cold Knee Wraps Fail to Cut It

Instead of cumbersome Ace bandages and large packs of ice, these wraps attach to the joint with Velcro straps simply and securely. The best cold knee wraps allow full movement and are light enough to be worn under baggy pants or long skirts. If sweat stains build up over time, they can be easily washed with a little soap and water and air dried in a few hours.

The most cost-effective product to purchase is a combination cold therapy and support wrap made of neoprene and freeze-able inserts. These two-in-one wraps can be used to keep the knee joint supported at all times. They can also be placed in a freezer and utilized as a source of deeply penetrating cold therapy.

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