Compression Wraps

Written by Sierra Rein
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The science behind a compression wrap is to maintain constant pressure on a specific area of the body over a long period of time. This pressure helps to reduce swelling and decrease the amount of blood flow to the area. It is particularly effective in cases of injury, swollen blood in muscles, and inflammation.

The pressure can also put a joint into a sort of traction, preventing further motion and injury to the area. Compression wraps are particularly effective in places like ankles and wrists where movement is a common part of life. In these cases, further damage is prevented and the healing process is maintained at a constant and consistent pace.

Create or Purchase a Compression Wrap

There are many ways to make a compression wrap. Some people use elastic bandages and butterfly clips and wrap them tightly around a leg, knee or arm. However, it takes a trained professional to make the pressure consistent, pain-free and long-lasting.

Many sports therapy manufacturers have already done the work for athletes, dancers and injured individuals by offering pre-fitted body wraps made out of neoprene and Velcro wraps. As soon as any pain is felt, these can be quickly strapped on and kept on for hours at at time. Some of these compression wraps are built with cold chemical packs sewn into the lining for instant cold therapy relief as well.

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