Horse Wraps

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wrapping a horse's legs is one of the best ways to help a horse recover from tough workouts, sprains and injuries. Horse wraps are also used to prevent injury and to keep the muscles and ligaments in line before, during, and after a race. These are instrumental to the health of a horse and to prevent harm and the ultimate curse: lameness.

It is essential that the wrap be properly placed around the legs. Improper wrappings can damage tendons and cause injuries rather than defend against them. For example, if the wrap is too tight around the leg, a tendon can be forced into a bow, resulting in lameness.

To properly wrap a leg, the gauze should start from the outside and progress towards the inside. The wrap should start at the ankle and then be worked upwards towards the knee. It should be loose enough to fit one finger between the bandage and the leg itself at either the top or the bottom.

Cold Horse Wraps for Sports Recovery

After heavy workouts and races, and especially after injury, cold ice or freeze wraps can be used to reduce swelling and compress the flow of blood to stressed muscles. In the past, farmers have applied crude ice pack wraps to the area of pain or discomfort. However, professional wraps made of chemically frozen liquid and neoprene covers can now be found specially made for horse legs, making the wrapping process quick, easy and completely safe.

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