Knee Injury Treatments

Written by Sierra Rein
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Unfortunately, there are many reasons why knee injury treatments are in demand. Athletes and civilians alike experience a number of tears, sprains, inflammation and ruptures to the delicate knee joint. Since some treatments are better for some injuries and not as good for others, it is important to know how to reduce the pain, enhance the healing process and prevent further injuries to occur.

Acute knee injuries are those which happen instantly and without warning. They are usually caused by an incorrect application of weight upon the knee joint or bone, creating a tear or sprain of the ligaments, muscles and cartilage. It is incredibly important to treat the area by applying cold ice packs and compression wraps to the knee to prevent and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Years of wear and tear can also create what are called overuse knee injuries. In these cases, cold therapy can be placed on the area to abate pain and swelling. However, it may take more complex knee injury treatments like stretching, exercises, massage, inflammation medicine and surgery to start the rehabilitation process.

Tools to Keep on Hand for Knee Injury Treatments

Whether you experience an acute injury or start to feel the tell-tale pains of an overused knee, most body health specialists agree that it is best to immediately place a professional cold wrap upon the area. It is also good to keep a roll of tape or ace bandages on hand to wrap over the compression and keep pressure and weight off the knee. If the injury occurs away from reach of these knee injury treatments, a chemical instant cold gel tube can be kept in a purse, pocket, glove compartment or desk drawer and can be rubbed into the knee at the first sign of pain.

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