Neoprene Wraps

Written by Sierra Rein
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Neoprene wraps are the answer to professional athletes, dancers, weekend sports players, and hobbyists alike. These wraps are professionally designed to be placed into a refrigerator or freezer and then placed onto an injured joint, muscle or body part. They are typically filled with packs of chemicals that retain the cold quickly without condensation or leakage.

The rubber chemical neoprene is an especially heavy-duty fabric and can take a lot of wear and tear over a long period of time. It is utilized in a number of applications, including diving wetsuits, waterproof camping gear, electric insulation, and corrosion-resistant coatings on a number of industrial engineering parts. Neoprene is also washable and easy to use in a number of sports therapy tools.

Where to Place Neoprene Wraps

Neoprene wraps can be designed in a cold compression form to fit almost every part of the body. Instead of filling a plastic bag with ice and using a crude bandage to maintain its position on--say, an elbow--a pre-conditioned neoprene wrap with a built-in joint bend can be Velcroed into place. If an ankle is sprained, a neoprene cold compression boot can simply be slipped over the food and locked into place.

Some people choose to save money by purchasing a "universal wrap" that can be fitted over general areas like thighs, arms, back and shoulder areas, calves, necks and faces. An athlete may put one of these universal wraps in his duffel bag and bring it with him to workouts, vacations and while on tour. If any pain or injuries ensue, this wrap can be put into a freezer and placed immediately upon the swollen area to reduce pain and swelling.

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