Shoulder Ice Wraps

Written by Sierra Rein
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The main problems with icing the shoulder area are its irregular shape and the fact that humans often need to lean upon a backrest while sitting, driving a car, and resting. Large packs of ice can get in the way of comfort, and many people have difficulties in effectively wrapping the area with ace bandages. To combat these problems, wrap manufacturers have created professional-grade shoulder ice wraps.

Athletic Shoulder Ice Wraps

Cold therapy wraps for the shoulder are great for athletes who consistently twist and torque their bodies. Career golfers and baseball players are known to have two cold shoulder wraps ready for use: one for the right shoulder and one for the left. The athletes will often ask their assistants to keep shoulder wraps in a cooler by the side of the game or will typically have them waiting at the clubhouse.

These professional-style wraps are made of flexible and breathable neoprene, a type of rubber which acts as insulation to keep the cold as close to the body as possible. Neoprene is also water tight, making these wraps impervious to bouts of sweating on the outside. The neoprene outer shell is then filled with thin packets of freezable chemicals in liquid form that are formulated to maintain cold without any toxic effects.

The areas that must be covered by these wraps are the main shoulder joint, upper arm, pectorals and lateral muscles. If a bone has been broken, the wrap should be snug but not too tight on the area. There should be at least two locations for the straps: at the bottom of the upper arm and across the front of the chest.

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