Shoulder Injury Treatments

Written by Sierra Rein
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Because the shoulder is a very complex joint, it is quite prone to many aches and injuries. However, there are a number of different treatments that can be applied to the area, depending on the type of injury incurred. Incorrectly diagnosing a shoulder injury may result in incorrect treatment and the failure to properly heal the area.

If a shoulder bone such as the clavicle or humerus is broken, the area should be placed in an immobilizing sling or bandage. Unless the bone itself is misaligned, it should be able to be healed naturally in four to eight weeks. Swelling and inflammation can be kept to a minimum through the application of ice wraps and by taking anti-inflammation prescription drugs.

Treatments for Ligament and Muscle Injuries of the Shoulder

For muscle and tendon tears in the shoulder, such as a strain in the rotator cuff muscle or a rupture of the supraspinatus tendon (found at the top of the humerus bone), it takes a combination of ice, rest, and immobilization to begin the healing process. A towel should be placed over the skin before the pack of ice or cold wrap is applied. The cold should stay on the area for 15 minutes at a time every two hours for the next day or two.

In extreme cases, movement of the shoulder joint should be reduced until the pain completely stops. At this time, a sports therapy therapist can be asked to step in and analyze the shoulder to develop a rehabilitation and exercise program. Surgery is suggested only if the injury is a total rupture or if the healing process is not going smoothly.

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