Shoulder Wraps

Written by Sierra Rein
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Shoulder wraps are instrumental in dealing with shoulder pain and injury. When cold, these wraps help with any feelings of pain and discomfort. When tightly wrapped around the shoulder, they prevent further motion of the joint and keep the area safer from further injury and damage.

Anyone can make a crude shoulder wrap with a pack of ice and an Ace bandage. However, since the area is strangely shaped, it is often difficult to do so with any long-term effects. Many professional athletes (including baseball pitchers, tennis players and golfers who have to use their shoulders during play) purchase professionally designed shoulder wraps.

These wraps are typically made of water-resistant neoprene, which is a flexible and washable type of rubber capable of being molded into a number of different shapes. Packets of freezable chemicals are sewn into key areas in the wraps. All an athlete needs to do is to place one of these in his or her freezer for a short time and then apply it around the shoulder area and Velcro it into place.

Choosing the Proper Shoulder Wrap Size

Because the upper torso and neck-to-arm length ratio varies from person to person, it is important to choose the correctly sized shoulder wrap, and to choose the correct side of the body. Those within the 90 to 140 pound weight range should choose a small or medium size, while those who weigh 140 to 210 pounds could fit into a large. Finally, those who weigh 210 pounds or more would do better with an extra large shoulder wrap.

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