Sports Related Injuries

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many sports related injuries for an athlete or weekend hobbyist to be concerned about. Some injuries develop over years and years of wear and tear, while others manifest themselves in an instant. A wrong step or incorrectly executed swing can cause irreparable damage to a joint or core muscle group.

The most common injuries experienced by running athletes occur in the ankles, foot and heel bones, shins and knee joints. These areas are incredibly susceptible to stress fractures, which are small cracks in the bones caused by overuse. Knee injuries, like stress fractures and ligament pulls, are very common in football and basketball players and professional skiers.

"Swinging" sports, like tennis, golf, baseball, and hockey place particular stress and strain upon the wrists, elbows, shoulder and back. Incorrect balance and use of a racket, bat or stick can literally jerk the joint into a painful position that may result in tears, muscle pulls and possible dislocations. In these cases, an athlete may need months of rest and physical therapy before full movement of the arm and back is recovered.

Treat Sports Injuries as Soon as Possible!

Recovering from a sports related injury can be time consuming, especially if the right steps are not taken to treat it within the 24 hours after the incident. Most authorities agree that sprains, tendon pulls and ligament ruptures should be iced as soon as possible to reduce pain and swelling. Failure to do so may incur massive amounts of pain, inflammation, immobility, and an increased inability to heal in a timely fashion.

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