Wrist Pain Relief

Written by Sierra Rein
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Compared with other chronic injuries, wrist pain is experienced by a larger percentage of the population. While tennis and basketball players put a lot of stress and strain on their serving hands, computer users and industrial workers also experience a lot of pain due to overuse. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities for both athletes and their fans to receive wrist pain relief.

When wrist pain is felt for the first time, it is important not to apply heat or a heated rub lotion to the area. Instead, an ice pack or frozen cold therapy wrap should be applied to the wrist for 15 minutes every two hours. Those with poor circulation or cold allergies should not place too much cold to the area.

If inflamed tendons and ligaments within the wrist cause the pain, chances are it is because of CTS, or "carpal tunnel syndrome." In these cases, a wrist brace can keep these ligaments and tendons from rubbing together and becoming even more irritated. Some professional manufacturers offer combination wrist guards and cold therapy wraps that can be used frozen or unfrozen.

Alternative Sources of Wrist Pain Relief

For chronic wrist pain, some health recovery experts recommend the application of consistent daily strengthening exercises. Some people lift light weights or squeeze rubber balls to increase the power of surrounding muscles. If these treatments do not work, then anti-inflammatory drugs can be prescribed or cortisone shots can be administered to the pained area.

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