Arctic White

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are tired of staring at the same yellowed teeth in the miracle, consider Arctic White for all your teeth whitening needs. Simply follow the instructions for ten minutes a day, ten days in a row, and see a more beautiful smile! Whether you need to clean up after years of smoking, or have that special reunion to go to, this teeth whitener is sure to please.

Arctic White utilizes the same ingredients used by professional dentists to make teeth glisten. The concept of using controlled amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide in teeth whitening products has been used since the late 1980's. You'll know it when you see the results for yourself with this marvelous system.

The Effective Power of Arctic White

With all the beverages we drink during the year, it is no wonder our teeth yellow and stain with age. Tea, coffee, juice, wine, and dark colas all add to the color of our teeth, and not even a twice-daily brushing routine can really get the stains out. Instead, it is time to bring out a heavy-duty bleaching product to help us get to our baby-white pearls back.

This particular brand of whitener uses a three step program to work from the inside of you tooth out. This system works to condition, whiten, and then to strengthening the teeth against future staining. So, if you want bright, white teeth for up to a year from now, purchase a supply of Arctic White today!

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