Keep Teeth White

Written by Sierra Rein
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So, you struggle to learn how to keep teeth white. You abstain from coffee and teas like they were the plague, and brush at least twice a day to maintain your teeth's current shade. Unfortunately, this shade is dull, yellowed, and not at all the color of what you imagined your dream smile to be.

Many people learn too late that their teeth are slowly but surely becoming less and less white over the years. The brightness of the white depends on the personal habits of the individual. This can mean how often she smokes, whether she drinks at least one cup of coffee every morning, or if the teeth are left unbrushed most nights. All these are factors in the battle to keep teeth white.

How Can You Keep Teeth White in This Day and Age?

While you may be able to stop the yellowing of your teeth at it's current shade, there is only one way to reverse the yellowing process and return your teeth to the bright white they once were. The best teeth whitening option out there can be found in Hydrogen Peroxide, which is mixed into a gel and applied to the teeth for just 10 minutes. A few weeks of this ritual, and you'll have whiter teeth in no time!

This brilliance can be found in home bleaching kits across the Internet. However, we here at the Transdermal Patch website understand how frustrating it is to shop for beauty supplies on the web. Which is why we've provided a link to our favorite body improvement shopping source, especially for web surfers like you...check them out!

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