Teeth Whitening Gel

Written by Sierra Rein
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You've probably heard the fascinating effect that teeth whitening gel can have upon a yellowed smile. But have you truly learned how this method of tooth bleaching actually works? Please read the following if you have yet to understand all the details.

The tooth, while hard and unyielding to the touch, is nevertheless made of porous enamel. Over the years, coffee, tobacco smoke, juice, wine, teas, and other staining materials are absorbed through the upper layers of the tooth. The original whiteness we had as children gives way to a sickly, yellowed shade (depending on the extent of our use of the above beverages).

What Happens When a Teeth Whitening Gel Steps In?

To put it simply, the gel is made to take away years of tooth abuse. A conditioner is placed upon newly-brushed teeth, which opens up the pores of the tooth and allows the gel to become absorbed into the enamel. The teeth whitening gel, infused with such potent bleaching ingredients as Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide, bleaches the stains within the teeth.

This method has proven to be extremely effective, as it goes deeper into the tooth to increase whiteness in less time than other products. Also, while some products may whiten teeth on the outside, in a short time the teeth will simply return to their former yellowed shade. With this teeth whitening product, you can expect almost a year before another application is needed.

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