Teeth Whitening Kits

Written by Sierra Rein
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With the current cultural demand to have clean and attractive teeth, there has been a surge of new teeth whitening kits on the consumer market. These range from small plastic strips placed on the teeth overnight to professionally designed teeth trays that allow the bleaching gel to become absorbed into the enamel. Unfortunately, with all these products available, how is a consumer supposed to know what is the best teeth whitening system out there?

Let's take a few moments to look at the pro's and con's of a number of teeth whitening products. First of all, you have the aforementioned bleaching strip which, while cheap, is not designed to come into contact with all the nooks and crannies of the front and back of the teeth. Another touted product is what we call the "whiteout" method, where a little bottle and brush dispenses a product that is painted onto the tooth and kept overnight. Unfortunately, while this may seem easy, the bleach sometimes is licked or sucked off of the tooth and usually does not perform well even if it does stay on.

What are the Best Teeth Whitening Kits? You Ask

In our opinion, it is better to go with a kit that provides lasting results in just a small amount of time. Professional dental cosmetic companies utilize teeth whitening gel mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide, and combine a conditioning system to open up the pores of the teeth so that this peroxide mix can do it's job. Gels are more effective too, as they pour into all the sides, fronts, backs and bottoms of the teeth to get them to a high white color.

These teeth whitening kits can be easily found online, and can be purchased at the same teeth whitening prices as other, less effective products. You can have them delivered straight to your office or home, and usually come with a guarantee on unused portions. To contact our favorite teeth whitening brand, please visit our recommended body improvement supply store online.

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