B 12 Vitamin Supplements

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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B 12 vitamin supplements are considered by medical experts to be a critical defense against anemia, heart disease and a host of other illnesses. Vitamin B 12 is responsible for healthy, fully functioning red blood and nerve cells. Vitamin B 12 is also needed to make DNA, which is why it's essential that pregnant and nursing women get the minimum daily requirement. And while B 12 is abundantly found in meat and fish, anyone taking antacids of any kind may not be absorbing enough B 12 from their food alone. Properties of antacids appear to interfere with the body's absorption capabilities of B 12, making additional vitamin supplements all the more necessary.

B 12 Vitamin Supplements Fight Against Deficiency

Deficiency in vitamin B 12 can leads to anemia and other illnesses. Symptoms of vitamin B 12 deficiency include constipation, fatigue, nausea and weakness. Severe deficiencies can lead to nerve problems like numbness, tingling in the hands and feet, balance and memory problems, and depression.

With regard to heart health, these deficiencies also allow specific amino acids to multiply, and pose a serious hazard to proper coronary function. Arteries become more prone to blockage, and risks are substantially increased for heart disease and stroke.

Vitamin B 12 deficiencies have traditionally been associated with full and partial vegetarian diets. Recent studies indicate, however, that even meat eaters are at potential risk of vitamin B 12 deficiency. While the only way to ascertain whether a deficiency is at play is to have a blood test done, taking B 12 vitamin supplements is excellent insurance. And though health risks are considerable if one isn't getting enough B 12, there are no hazards to taking too much. It is virtually impossible to "overdose" on B 12 vitamin supplements, since they have such a low toxicity.

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