Berry Flavor Capsules

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Berry flavor capsules are an intriguing product offered by various pharmaceutical companies. The most common flavors I've seen are strawberry and cherry, but a lot of companies claim to have "natural berry flavor" products. What exactly they mean by natural berry flavor or even what particular berry they are referring to, I am not one hundred percent certain.

Companies often advertise berry flavor products to children. They believe that by offering a more pleasing taste, children will be more inclined to take their medicine. This is generally true, as many studies have proven. A good tasting medicine does increase the likelihood that children will take it regularly and to its full dosage. It works on adults too, by the way.

When companies advertise berry flavored products, know that often there is nothing natural about it. Berry flavoring is usually completely artificial, with no actual berries even remotely connected with the production process. Again, it's just an advertising strategy to get parents to purchase the product.

Berry Flavor Capsules and Supplements

Berry flavor capsules are similar and different. They are similar because they are designed to appeal to children and adults. They make taking a daily supplement more enjoyable and people are more apt to stick with their program. On the other hand, they are usually more natural than the "natural berry flavor" medicines advertised by some companies. Gel capsule suppliers are realizing this niche market and providing more expansive products. Other flavors are available as well, including citrus and mint.

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