Capsule Fillers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Entrepreneurs starting home based supplement supply companies will require capsule fillers in order to measure the exact dosage of the supplements they distribute. In the supplement distribution business it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your product meets specifications. That is, the dosage you advertise must be what is actually delivered to your customer. Improper dosages can lead to unwanted complications.

Capsule Fillers for Your Small Business

If you're just starting out in business and don't have a large, established clientele, you'll probably want to start out with a basic model. Basic capsule fillers are quite easy to use and are intended for periodic or occasional use. They do not produce large quantities, usually a few hundred capsules an hour would be the maximum. They are quite cheap, though, and you can usually order one from a reputable vendor for under $100.

If your business is starting to take off or if you have a larger customer base, a mid-range filling machine will better suit your needs. Mid-range capsule fillers will produce close to one thousand capsules per hour easily and with little hassle. If you order one from a good vendor, it will come with all the accessories necessary for production, including measuring tools, tamping tools, and even a supply of empty capsules to get you going. These too are a good bargain and usually run only a couple hundred dollars from a good vendor.

Now, if your business is really doing well, you'll want a top of the line filling machine. The best capsule fillers for small to midsized business use will produce several thousand capsules in an hour. These machines produce large quantities quickly and easily. A good place to shop for one of these is on the Internet, where you can purchase one for less than $500. Remember, additional encapsulator sheets cost extra no matter what machine you use.

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