Capsule Filling Machines

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Capsule filling machines are sold by capsule manufacturers and other pharmaceutical companies to individuals running home based supplement supply companies and small distributors. The machines are remarkably easy to use, and also quite affordable, making supplement manufacturing an attractive home based business opportunity.

Though they are referred to as machines, do not think that capsule fillers are automated pieces of equipment with moving parts or gears. They're more like capsule filling kits, and I've even heard them compared to chemistry sets. Still, they are absolutely necessary to the small distributor or home based supplement maker.

How They Work

What they are is a sheet of hard plastic with holes in it. Place into each hole the larger half of an empty gelatin capsule, which will then stand vertically. You'll then pour your herbal supplement or vitamin over the surface of the sheet, causing each capsule to be filled. Then wipe off the excess with the provided tool, and tamp down the supplement if you desire. Finally, you remove the sheet, freeing the now filled capsules that remain upright and simply cap them with the top half of the empty capsule.

There is still a bit of work involved for the maker, but these machines make the process so much easier compared to filling capsules individually. Small machines allow you to produce a few hundred capsules in an hour, larger ones can put out several thousand. Basic machines are less than one hundred dollars and even the top of the line machines are cheap, I've never seen one cost more than a few hundred dollars.

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